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The iPad Game Summit, June 28, 2010 in San Francisco, is for game companies eager to understand how best to position their games to take advantage of the new Apple iPad platform.

In 2009, $500 million worth of games were sold through the App Store in the U.S., up from $115 million in 2008, reports Flurry Analytics. The iPhone OS has nabbed 15% of the mobile game market away from bigger handhelds like the Nintendo DS and the PSP and 44% of apps coming to the iPad are going to be games, according to Flurry.

The iPad Game Summit takes place a short 3 months after the iPad Wi-Fi is released and only 2 months after the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is released. The Summit will bring the iPad opportunities into focus with exclusive market research, business strategies and insights from companies in the trenches. The Summit will include prime examples of what's working and why, who are iPad owners and what they are doing with the device.

iPad Games Summit is designed to kickstart on your iPad strategy so you can make the right decisions based upon the most currently available data. Industry leaders will share their stories making you fully informed. Don't be left behind. Map out your strategy now.

Conference content will include:

- Case studies from leading game companies
- The very latest market research, trends and spending habits
- Defining your ROI in the app economy
- Revenue opportunities from app pricing to advertising to subscription and in-app purchases
- Consumer behavior and demographic usage patterns and how to plan
- How to integrate an iPhone, iTouch and iPad strategy

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